Exploration, Mining & Minerals Processing



Axnosis provides solutions to exploration; mining and metals processors (xMMP); chemical process manufacturing; local government; agriculture; asset intensive organisations; and other industries. It serves different environments, including corporate companies, public concerns, as well as medium-sized businesses.

Axnosis solutions use Microsoft Dynamics technology. Listed here are some; who are also rated most complete:

1. a solution for mining and exploration, mine in a box;
2. a local government solution for Africa;
3. a special bulk rental functionality with typical features for rental companies, such as multiple movements and unnumbered objects;
4. a process manufacturing, production, and maintenance functionality.

Our solutions are based on:

Dynamics Ax software (Microsoft);
1. our own applicable software: Ax OHS, Ax EAM, Ax PAM, Ax SRM, and Ax LIR; and
2. our rich experience in business consulting, project management and systems integration skills.

Our consultants have industry knowledge, technology experience and proven methodologies to successfully deliver solutions.

The word Axnosis refers to applied knowledge. ‘Ax’ is derived from Axapta (now Dynamics Ax) and ‘nosis’ comes from the Greek word ‘Gnosis’ or ‘knowledge’. Applied knowledge is a powerful tool to deliver effective business solutions  ̶   the result of deep knowledge and years of experience that enable us, as business consultants, software developers and IT technicians to align our solutions to clients’ business requirements, thereby empowering them to achieve improved business results and add value to their companies.




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