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From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), including supply chain (SCM) & business intelligence (BI); we have a Microsoft Dynamics solution that's just right for your enterprise.

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Our Products

Stores requisition management (SRM)

Formal management of stores, requisitions and reservations.

Lab information management (LIMS)

Internal or external requests, sample orders and analysis journals.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) 

Complete asset life cycle management, preventative and corrective maintenance.

HR/Payroll (HRM)

Localized payroll and legal compliant HR.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Including risk, compliance as well as health & safety features.

Loans and Investment register (LIR)

Treasuary management, starting with loans and investment register.

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

Compliance, score card reporting and optimization of DTI charter.

Stakeholder engagement (SEM) 

Inside Dynamics CRM...

and more...

 Sorting, Shipping and Selling

Minerals sales are complex because markets for commodities and currency fluctuate continuously. Invoicing depends heavily on moisture and component analysis on both ends of the trading chain. With xMMP provisional invoices may be based on provisional analysis results, awaiting final results agreement.

 Plant and Process control

minerals processing operation (surface ops) has a ‘process oriented’ dynamic, similar to that of chemical and pharmaceuticals companies. The typical bill of material (BOM) production model as used in discrete manufacturing does not support this process modelling, ‘formulations’, and discreet and continuous batches. It also does not deal with the assayed properties of the batches processed.

 Mine planning to stock pile

functionality managing ROM, teams (gangs) performing tasks to meet mine calls, face advance and these key events or “drum beats” dictating the pace underground:
• Drilling, blasting, cleaning and ventilation.
• “Skips” for the transport of ore and waste rock.
• Inventory/Logistics movement tracking.
• Hoists for the transport of men and materials.
• “Mary-Annes” for emergencies and unscheduled trips

 Exploration and core drilling

offers the geology and exploration teams information management tools to manage claims or tenement licences, and perform drill planning and costings combined with drilling execution and data management.

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