Loans & Investment register

The Loan and Investment module allows one to control your loans and investments, and the related transactions in AX. It manages the process from creation of the loan/investment through to the final installment/withdrawal and all included journals in between. LIR Journals included are: Capital; Interest; Payments and Allocation journals. 

In short:

  • Setting up posting profiles for above journals and automation of same Simple and Compound Interest Rate calculations done by AX 
  • Different Loan Types and characteristics catered for Setting up the interest agreements with the bank inside AX 
  • Automatic generation of payment schedules/Amortization schedule/interest earned schedule 
  • Allows import of amortization schedule on Loans 
  • Investment proposals can be done and simulated before approved Investment 
  • Cash Flow Forecast report Ledger Budget creation from future Loan and Investment transactions 
  • Multiple reports