GEMS management

Our Gem management functionality covers the supply chain and includes purchase and sales agreements to ensure a regular supply of diamonds. The sorting and related functions are crucial links of the chain. The CRM module inside Ax cover the requirement of sales events. In addition Ax via the enterprise portal can facilitate “Auctions” through online auction events. 

The capability supported: 

  • Ability to trace goods through the pipeline, starting at import and following through to sale
  • The ability to capture cost of purchase and value stock throughout the pipeline 
  • The ability to consolidate and view information on stock 
  • The ability to monitor throughput and speed of stock through the pipeline 
  • The ability to identify and analyse gains and losses 
  • The ability to audit activities in the system and manage quality control of the process 
  • Ability to change the sorting line across global locations easily, as required. 
  • Ability to accept and trace information sourced from Diamond Technologies. 
  • Ability to capture and store historic stock, sales and pricing information and metrics 
  • Operational reporting, for example the ability to measure productivity, track capacity and report on spot checks etc.