Sales (PAM 3)

Minerals product sales are complex because markets for commodities and currency fluctuate continuously. Invoicing depends heavily on moisture and component analysis on both ends of the trading chain. With xMMP provisional invoices may be based on provisional analysis results, awaiting final results agreement. Retaining the history for umpiring, analysis and audit purposes makes for complex modifications of conventional ERP systems. Equally important is the managing of the logistics elements (transportation etc.) required for supply contracts. PAM III gives access to real-time information on the entire logistics chain. Mines can maximize commercial outcomes by charting the impact of sales and providing a current view of available and upcoming supply of metals. PAM III also provides comprehensive and integrated coverage of the logistics and sales processes for mining and mineral producers and traders. The very complex task of keeping track of batches, settlements, stock holding and remittances in multi-product toll processing (in and out) is available through PAM III. Accountants will be happy to know that automatic journal postings of these unique sales are supported.

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