London Energy Limited

LondonEnergy improves Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Maintenance using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations together with the OHS 365 module from Axnosis.

LondonEnergy improve Risk Assessment, Incident Management and Maintenance using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

About LondonEnergy

LondonEnergy operates the second largest waste contract in the UK, handling and treating nearly 750,000 tonnes of London’s waste and recyclables. The company generates enough electricity to power more than 80,000 homes every year.  More than 90% of waste is diverted away from landfill, saving nearly 300,000 tonnes of CO2e every year.

LondonEnergy’s mission is to divert household waste and recycling from landfill efficiently and responsibly by turning recycled food and garden waste into compost and by producing energy from waste. The flagship site is situated at the EcoPark in Edmonton on forty-acres of land. It includes a Waste to Energy-, Compost Centre; Waste Transfer- and Bulk Recycling Centre.

 The heat generated from the process turns water into steam which drives turbines to create electricity. This is fed into the National Grid. The company exports around 85 per cent of the electricity generated.  Between 1994 & 2016, more than 10 million tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill.

I have been asked to convey LondonEnergy’s thanks for a very smooth go-live and some exceptional support from Axnosis team.

 You and your team have really stood out during the project in terms of consultancy, support and ability, both LondonEnergy and I have really recognized this throughout the whole project.

Peter Bushell

Senior Project Manager, Annata

Products Implemented                        

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • OHS 365 Occupational Health and Safety – Incident- & Investigation management, Permits to Work
  • GRC 365 Governance, risk and compliance – Risk assessments and Compliance audits

Number of sites 


Project Duration

16 months (up to end of Phase 2)

Implementation Partners

  • Annata (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations)
  • Axnosis (OHS 365 for Occupational Health and Safety, GRC 365 for Governance, Risk and Compliance)

Legacy System Risk 

LondonEnergy were running a number of disparate business applications and the related manual processes were causing inefficiencies and manually intensive processing. The core financial system was reaching end-of-support which made it imperative that a solution be found.   There was an increasing risk to the business and a decision was made to consolidate the systems by implementing a single new ERP platform. After researching several options, LondonEnergy selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.  Annata were selected as the implementation partner and Axnosis were responsible for supplying and implementing the OHS and GRC components as well as integrating these with the D365 maintenance module. 

Project Summary

LondonEnergy decided to use a phased approach with finance, procurement, inventory, document management and reporting being the main deliverables in the first phase.  During the subsequent two phases the remaining in-scope processes were included.  A stage-gate methodology was adopted to ensure that each phase delivered the anticipated benefits before proceeding to the next phase.

OHS 365 Incident- & Investigation management, Permits to Work, Risk assessments and Compliance audits were included in the scope. 

Lessons Learned

The lack of an integrated business system at the outset meant that there were a number of missing linkages in place between departments.   The new integrated system eliminated some of these interfaces and created new unified processes across the business.  Change management was very important to optimise the new procedures with end users.  Good training was required to ensure that all end-users understand and buy into the new way of working.  User acceptance testing was found to be an excellent way to get feedback and help ensure that there is involvement from users across the whole business. 

LondonEnergy is satisfied with the early project outcomes.  A period of stabilization during which the benefits will be quantified, and further improvements made will be expected to take place over the next annual business cycle.


The OHS 365 and GRC 365 solutions are designed to work within the integrated Dynamics 365 system and are developed using the Microsoft standards.   This simplified the implementation of these functions allowing LondonEnergy to consolidate aspects of risk management and incident reporting in the core ERP system

Riaan van der Berg

CEO, Axnosis

OHS 365 & GRC 365 for management and control of hazards, risk, occupational health and safety

The OHS 365 Occupational Health and Safety solution provides organisations, plants and factories with the tools necessary to simplify the challenges of managing occupational health and safety and to comply with legislation.

The solution helps to improve internal controls and provides visibility into OHS compliance- related processes and activities in an integrated way, all from within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

The GRC 365 solution supports the core governance, risk and compliance processes in an organisation.  Protection of assets, loss reduction, improved safety, improved visibility of business performance and improved compliance are the key benefits of GRC 365.  The GRC 365 system is based on two main pillars:  corporate performance management and risk management.  GRC 365 supports organisational performance management using the balanced scorecard (or equivalent) philosophy.  The system also supports operational, enterprise & financial (treasury) risk management processes including risk identification, assessment, mitigation and control.  

About OHS365

OHS 365 and GRC 365 are built inside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system using Microsoft standards.   This was a major consideration for LondonEnergy who wanted a single, integrated system that could be standardized across all of the operations.

LondonEnergy Contact

Mary Czulowski

Finance Director and Company Secretary

About Axnosis

 Axnosis (incorporated in 2004) is a specialised solution provider that develops, implements and supports business applications built inside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product.  We help asset intensive organisations of all sizes in both the public and private sector get the best value out of their investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365, so that they operate more efficiently, increase performance, improve governance and can confidently take advantage of new opportunities while simultaneously managing risk.

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